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Usually Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , in a testicular biopsy process, the tissue sample of your testicle is analyzed in a laboratory. The testicles produce sperm as well as the male sex hormone testosterone. A testicular biopsy is used to: 鈥?diagnose the location and the condition of a lump in the testes 鈥?diagnose the causes of male infertility 鈥?obtain sperm for in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) By doing male factor infertility diagnosis, the infertility specialists in Hyderabad working in Motherhood fertility centre, the famous test tube baby clinic defines different procedures for a testicular biopsy. Because of the successful treatment of male factor infertility, the centre is now becoming the top male infertility treatment in Hyderabad. The two different procedures for a testicular biopsy are: Percutaneous Biopsy In the percutaneous biopsy Wholesale NFL Jerseys , a thin biopsy needle is inserted into the skin. to collect the testicular tissue, the needle has a syringe on the end. This biopsy process does not need any incision or stitches. This process is also called a fine needle biopsy. In this biopsy technique, a core needle biopsy is another variation. It utilizes a hollow shaped, spring-loaded needle to extract a cylinder of cells. The cells are called core sample. A core sample is a greater specimen than a fine needle biopsy. Open Biopsy An open biopsy is also known as a surgical biopsy. The infertility specialists after doing male factor infertility diagnosis start by making a cut in the skin. That cut also is made in the testicle. Then from the opening, a small tissue sample has taken and stitches are used to close the cuts. Diagnosis of a Testicular Biopsy A testicular biopsy is an important tool in male factor infertility diagnosis. But it is not the primary step. In a fertility evaluation Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping , for the initial phase, the infertility specialists will take the history of your health and advice to do blood tests and a semen analysis. Semen analysis is done to know the quantity and quality of the sperm. By masturbation process, the initial semen sample is usually obtained. Semen analysis in the male factor infertility treatment can identify the following problems: 鈥?abnormally low levels of sperm 鈥?poor quality of sperm 鈥?azoospermia (absence of sperm) Blood, as well as hormone tests, can identify the causes of male infertility and low sperm levels. But Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , when all these tests are not conclusive, you may require a testicular biopsy. A testicular biopsy may be used to: 鈥?decide whether sperm production problems are caused by a blockage 鈥?retrieve sperm for use in In Vitro Fertilization treatment. This process is done if the sperms are being made in the testicles but are not present in the semen. 鈥?diagnose testicular cancer 鈥?determine the actual cause of a lump in the testicles Risks of a Testicular Biopsy A testicular biopsy can help infertility specialists to resolve the infertility problems. After the procedure, it does not carry a risk of erection or fertility problems Prolonged bleeding, as well as post-procedure infection, are two are very serious risks. But they are rare. Contact your infertility specialist if you experience: 鈥?bleeding that soaks the bandage at the biopsy area 鈥?hematoma (a clot of blood under the skin) 鈥?severe pain or swelling of the scrotum 鈥?fever We tested some new(ish) apps that we liked. 
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