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fantasy points to opposing tight ends

The BCCI is likely to defer the bidding process for the IPL television and digital rights, which had been scheduled to open in Mumbai on October 25, in wake of the fresh order from the Supreme Court on Friday.The court order had directed the BCCI to route all tenders and contracts through the Lodha Committee. The committee has not yet decided when it will conduct its next meeting to decide its next step following the court order. It is understood that the BCCI has contacted the committee, which has not yet responded to the board; the BCCI needs to wait for its approval. If the BCCI decides to go ahead with the bidding process without the committees backing, it will be in danger of being in contempt of court.Within hours of the court pronouncing the order, BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke sent an email to the Lodha Committee seeking direction on whether the IPL bids could be held next Tuesday. It is understood that BCCI also sent the committee all necessary details, including the paperwork submitted by the 18 bidders that had bought the invitation to tender (ITT) document.We have sought advice from the Lodha Committee, a senior BCCI official told ESPNcricinfo. The BCCI is already prepared for the bidding process to be postponed. The board official said that even if the committee were to give it the nod, the BCCI would be faced with logistical issues to conduct the bidding on Tuesday.According to the official, once the BCCI validated the 18 companies that had bought the ITT, it needed to send them an agreement. First you issue the agreement. Then there are two rounds of clarifications. After the clarifications some points change and you revise the agreement. The revised agreement did not go out yesterday after the court judgement.If they say go ahead, we will do that on October 25. But it would be a very big challenge for the board. So we will just change the date by one or two days. The official said the board had not updated the 18 companies yet on the schedule, and would do so only after it heard from the Lodha Committee.In the order, the court had also asked the committee to appoint an independent auditor to oversee all existing and future finance-related issues, tenders and contracts of the board. The court also asked the committee to set a threshold value for contracts; whenever that limit was exceeded, the BCCI would need to seek approval from the Lodha panel before moving ahead in the particular matter.Shirke, in his email, had also asked the committee if the independent auditor would also be present for the bidding process. We dont know what the threshold value is. We dont know who the auditor is. So we have submitted all the papers [relating to the tender] to them. And we await the directive from the committee now, the official said.In September, the BCCI announced it would invite bidders to participate in an open-tender process to secure IPL rights for the next cycle starting 2018. With the IPLs worth having soared astronomically over its nine seasons, and keeping in mind the changing trends in business dynamics, the BCCI had split the media rights into three categories: Indian subcontinent television rights, India subcontinent digital rights and Rest of the World media rights. Among those who bought the ITT were non-television players Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Reliance Jio.The case stems from the IPL 2013 fixing scandal. The court had initially appointed the Lodha Committee to determine appropriate punishments for those involved, and propose changes to the BCCIs functioning to ensure best practices. In July the court accepted the majority of the committees recommendations, covering wide-ranging aspects of Indian cricket at the central and state level, making it binding on the BCCI to implement them. The BCCI has since questioned the benefits of some of these reforms - particularly the one state, one vote policy, the age cap on board officials, and the cap and cooling off periods on their terms in office - and missed some deadlines for their implementation, prompting the Lodha Committee and the Supreme Court to pursue the matter. Rashad Fenton Jersey . Datsyuk will miss Tuesdays game against New Jersey and could be sidelined longer, while Cleary will likely miss at least the next three games. Its been an injury-plagued season for Datsyuk, who has suited up for just 39 games. Harrison Butker Jersey . The Americans, skipped by John Shuster, seized the advantage in the eighth end by scoring five points for a 7-3 lead. The Czechs pulled two back in the ninth, but Shusters team of third Jeff Isaacson, second Jared Zezel and lead John Landsteiner ended with another point to secure the last Olympic berth on offer. http://www.customchiefsjersey.com/custo … 1636n.html . It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. Ed Podolak Jersey . On Saturday night, the normally free throw-challenged centre did just that. Howard scored 18 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter, including 13 of 19 free throws in a 2 1/2-minute stretch, and the Houston Rockets beat the Denver Nuggets 122-111. Terrell Suggs Jersey . Meanwhile, there were huge victories for Sunderland and West Ham over fellow relegation rivals, leaving the battle to avoid the drop up for grabs with the bottom 11 teams separated by just six points. Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres scored second-half goals to seal a fourth straight victory for Chelsea, which climbed above Arsenal and Manchester City in the standings ahead of their games on Monday and Sunday respectively. This past Wednesday night, I was in Philadelphia for a live taping of the Fantasy Focus 06010 podcast. It was another sell-out night in front of a few hundred raucous Philly fans, and it was an absolute blast. I cannot tell how grateful I am for the fans of that podcast -- among the best and most dedicated anywhere.Anyway, the travel back and forth has put a dent into an already narrow window I have in any given week to write the column, so theres no crazy long intro this week, as something had to give, and it wasnt going to be the research.I had an entirely different intro planned, but at the Philly show, a young man got up and asked a simple question. He described a scenario in his league in which a trade had been submitted and the commissioner had accidentally vetoed it. After the weeks games, the value of the players changed. The commissioner said if the guy could get the other owner to agree to it again, he would put it through, but now, a week later, the second owner was having misgivings and didnt want to do the deal.His question was, should the trade stand, and I said yes. I then went on a rant about the veto. It is a subject I have discussed many times before. But as I open my inbox this morning, I have four emails from the past week specifically about vetoes. I get a few tweets a day asking whether particular trades are fair.It is clear, despite how many times I feel I have written or spoken about it, there are still questions. So with the trade deadline for ESPN standard leagues less than a week away, I want to be as clear as possible on this.You should not veto.Much like a break glass in case of emergency, the veto should be used only when there is a clear and provable case of collusion between two owners in which one owner is aware the trade is terrible but is doing it for reasons other than trying to improve the fantasy team.Other than rare instances, every trade must go through. You hear me? Must go through. Must.Look, Ive been there. I was in a league last year in which someone traded newly appointed Chiefs starting back Charcandrick West for the Miami Dolphins defense. And that person then waived the defense the next week. So I get it. You see the email notification as it comes across your screen and you roll your eyes. You smack your head. What was that person thinking?But it doesnt matter. Owners must be allowed to coach their teams.Even if its done badly.Look, part of the fun of fantasy football is that we all have different opinions on players. And no one can predict the future. In Week 1, a Todd Gurley-for-Jay Ajayi trade would have had people screaming obscenities from the rooftops. And yet, as those two face off in Week 11, youd much rather be on the Ajayi side of that trade, and some could argue its now unfair to the person getting Gurley, not Ajayi.Whenever I discuss this, I always get the same response, Yeah, but what about ... ? And the answer is no. There are no, Yeah buts ... There just arent.You have no idea how a trade will ultimately turn out. None. Suggesting Brandon Marshall for Melvin Gordon would be laughed at today. Suggesting it before Week 1 would inspire laughter the other way.But lets pretend you have a crystal ball. And you know, I mean you know this deal is terrible. It still doesnt matter. There is no gray area. You still dont veto.Its not your job to manage someone elses team. You dont think he got nearly enough for his star quarterback? So what? Not your team, not your quarterback. I thought West for the Miami D was ridiculous. But the guy getting Miami needed a defense, really liked the Dolphins that week and had a surplus at running back. Could he have gotten more for West? I think so. But whatever -- not my team. Hes allowed to run it any way he wants, be it into first place or right into the ground. I didnt say anything.As long as the two people making the trade want to do it and think they are improving their chances of winning, thats the only thing that matters.Maybe its a bad deal, maybe it isnt. Time will tell. But its not your team or your job. Manage your own team. Period. The art of negotiation is a skill. Its part of fantasy football, just like drafting, waiver wire pickups, making starting lineup decisions. Its a skill and part of what you need to be a successful owner.And it should be rewarded, not punished or neutralized.Theres a special place in hell reserved for the people who veto just because its a deal that didnt involve them or because its part of their strategy. Thats not strategy, thats being a jerk. Its being a coward. Its, frankly, not being good enough to win on your own. Someone beat you to a good deal? It is what it is -- part of the game, same as beating another player to the waiver wire or getting a win with the second-lowest score of the week because you happen to face the lowest scorer.And if you are a commissioner and you dont enforce this rule -- you allow vetoes to happen, or worse, you veto them yourself -- you wipe away any of the good you have done by being a commissioner.Win on the virtual field, not in some technocratic loophole. And dont argue with me about this because there is no argument. Youre wrong. A fantasy league is not an autocratic country. It is made up of individuals with free will to manage their teams as they see fit. And if you try to impede that, youre a bunch of words I cant print.Now go, trade and be merry. ESPN standard league deadline to accept a trade is Wednesday at noon ET.Stop asking me whether a trade should be vetoed. Because the answer is no. Always. NO.Quarterbacks I love in Week 11Andrew Luck, Colts: With Luck coming off a bye and back-to-back games with fewer than 20 points, you might be wondering what happened to your 20-point stud. That changes this week, when Indianapolis faces Tennessee. You could make a strong argument for Luck as the No. 1 guy. During the past five weeks, the Titans have given up 344 yards a game and multiple passing touchdowns -- including 353 and three scores to Luck in Week 7. Hes also worth the price in daily.Russell Wilson, Seahawks: Im the highest on Danger, even though my co-rankers are probably concerned about the Eagles defense. Im not. In the Eagles past four road games, they have given up more than 20 fantasy points per game. Wilson has been on fire lately (630 yards and five scores in the past two games), and this is kind of right on schedule. In 2014, from Weeks 10 to 17, Wilson was QB2. In 2015, from Weeks 10 to 17, Wilson was -- wait for it -- QB2. With Wilson fully healthy, I wonder whether we start to see a little more running from him as well (his pass attempts outside the pocket have risen each of the past four weeks, hinting at Wilsons comfort level with mobility increasing). The emergence of C.J. Prosise in the passing game helps, as does the expected return of Thomas Rawls. Wilson is a rock-solid QB1 this week and going forward.Marcus Mariota, Titans: The hottest quarterback in fantasy football is putting up a lot of points. Hes a handsome man. Theres no denying that. Jokes aside, this game with the Colts has shootout written all over it. You know I like the Colts to score a bunch here, and the Titans should have no issue doing that as well. Indy has allowed multiple passing scores in six straight games, which matches the six-game streak of Mariota throwing multiple touchdown passes. The Colts have allowed at least 23 points to opposing QBs in four of their past six games. On Sunday, Mariota has a very good shot to make it five of seven.Others receiving votes: Im not a fan of that ooo-wee thing, but other than that, Im onboard with Kirk Cousins in a big way. He has enjoyed four straight games with multiple TDs, five straight with more than 260 yards. He plays well at home, and the Packers are reeling, having given up eight TDs and 288 yards per game in their past three. ... On the 06010 podcast, I came up with the verb Bortling to describe those really struggling in their job but having big success despite that. As an NFL quarterback, Blake Bortles has certainly been -- oh, lets say inconsistent, but he has been a fantasy stud, averaging 313 yards a game and recording multiple passing scores in three straight. I like his chances at four straight against a Lions team that has given up 20 touchdown passes this season and, in a weird stat, actually has given up more fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks (22.8) in games they win than they do in games they lose (17.8). I like the Lions to win on Sunday. ... Eli Manning at home has been a thing this year, yall. In his five home games this season, Manning has at least 350 passing yards or three-plus scores in every single one. The Bears, this weeks opponent, are 20th against the pass during the past four weeks. ... I keep saying this: You dont have to watch. You probably shouldnt watch. But when you wake up Monday morning, Colin Kaepernick will have scored you fantasy points. Hes the 12th-best QB in fantasy on a points-per-game basis since Week 6 (his first start), and there should be a good amount of junk time against a Patriots team giving up the seventh-most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks.Quarterbacks I hate in Week 11Derek Carr, Raiders: Normally an easy top-10 guy for me, Carr falls into QB2 territory this week. Oakland has seemingly gone Dallas west here and is just mauling people with that offensive line, running it down teams throats and controlling time of possession. The Texans are tied for 19th against the run the past four weeks, so I expect this plan to be successful. Its one of the reasons Carr has fewer than 235 yards and failed to score multiple touchdowns in three of the past four games. The Texans have allowed the second-fewest passing yards this season (fifth best during the past month) and have given up multiple passing scores just twice this season, so the Raiders should go run-heavy this week, which puts Carr outside my top 10.Carson Palmer, Cardinals: Yes, the Vikings defense is not as fearsome as it once was, but speaking of things not as fearsome as they once were, may I introduce you to Mr. Carson Palmer? Dude hasnt thrown for more than one score in five of his past six games, and he frankly just looks old and shaky. Hes completing worse than 63 percent of his passes (his lowest rate since coming to Arizona), and the Vikings are still a top-10 pass defense during the past month. Be sure to check the practice reports because the Vikings secondary is pretty banged-up, but as I write this, Palmer is not a top-15 play for me.Running backs I love in Week 11LeGarrette Blount, Patriots: Look, just because its obvious doesnt mean its not true. There has been one game this season -- count it, one -- in which he didnt score a touchdown. Think that becomes two games this week against San Frans 32nd-ranked run defense? Me neither. Even in PPR formats, Blount is an obvious top-10 play, ahead of some bigger names. In addition to the obvious touchdown potential, I love this stat: Blount has at least 18 rushing attempts in seven of nine games this season, so youd certainly expect a heavy second-half workload for him as the Pats salt this one away.Jonathan Stewart, Panthers: It has been a tough couple of weeks for J-Stew owners. The veteran back has fewer than 85 total yards and just seven fantasy points in the past two weeks combined. That gets better Thursday night. Now, the Saints defense has actually improved recently -- they are tied for 12th against the run during the past four weeks -- but Stewart loves seeing New Orleans on the schedule. In his past two against coach Sean Paytons squad, Stewart has 40 carries, 167 yards and three scores. Center Ryan Kalil will be back for this game, which helps as well. The Saints have allowed more than 15 points to opposing running backs in five of their past seven. Because the team is traveling on a short week, I expect it to be six of eight after Week 11.Latavius Murray, Raiders: Before the Raiders bye, the man they call Latavius enjoyed three straight games of at least 16 touches. As I said when discussing Derek Carr, I expect a heavy workload for Murray against a Texans team that is in the bottom five in the NFL in yards given up after first contact (on a per-game basis). Murray is top 15 among active qualified runners in that category, so Im starting Murray as an upside RB2 this week.Frank Gore, Colts: All he does is score touchdowns! While hes not Melvin Gordon, Gore has been a fantastic midround value this season, with seven scores in his past eight games. In what should be a sneaky high-scoring game, the Titans have given up at least 15 fantasy points to opposing runners in five of their past eight games, and traditionally Gore kills the Titans. In his past three games against them, he has 223 yards (on 50 carries) and two scores, including a 22-touch, 83-yard, one-TD outing against them in Week 7. Rested and off the bye at home, Gore is a high-floor, high-end RB2.Others receiving votes: James Starks looked a lot better last week than he did at the start of the season. Against the Titans last week, Starks played 70 percent of snaps, even though the Packers trailed the entire game. Expect another heavy workload against a Redskins team that has improved its run defense recently bbut still allows 4.dddddddddddd6 yards per carry and has coughed up a RB rushing touchdown in seven of nine games this season. ... The guy facing Starks, Robert Kelley, is pretty interesting as well. Kelley has carried the ball on 80 percent of the teams touches in the past two games; there are only four qualified backs who average more yards after contact than Kelley. The Packers run defense will benefit from Clay Matthews returning, but still, they are showing plenty of leaks recently, giving up 2.97 yards before first contact since Week 6, sixth worst in the NFL. I like Kelleys chances at a score in this game, and he should get at least 15 touches in a decent matchup. ... As Thomas Rawls is eased back into action, itll be the C.J. Prosise Show against an Eagles team that allows opposing running backs to catch 84 percent of targets. ... Theo Riddick should excel against a Jaguars team that allows opposing runners to catch five passes per game and has coughed up at least 15 fantasy points to running backs in three of the past four. Riddicks a safe RB2 in standard with upside in PPR.Running backs I hate in Week 11Mark Ingram, Saints: Traveling on a short week is never ideal, especially against the No. 1 rushing defense over the past four weeks. The Panthers havent allowed more than 14 fantasy points to opposing running backs since Week 1 (theyve given up just 9.1 RB points per game in that span) and the time-share with Tim Hightower could hurt production (Ingram has just 44 percent of RB carries the past two weeks). Ingram is a touchdown-dependent, low-end RB2 this week.Todd Gurley, Rams: Gurley has scored single-digit fantasy points in every game but two this season (including each of the past four games). He is averaging just 3.1 yards per carry, ranking 40th out of 42 qualified candidates. Of his 167 carries this season, not a one of them has gone for more than 20 yards (he had 11 such carries last season, second most in the NFL). With Jared Goff making his NFL debut on Sunday, expect the Dolphins defense to stack the box and make the rookie beat them. Miami is 10th against the run the past four weeks and has allowed just three RB rushing touchdowns all season. Gurley is merely a flex this week and, sadly, probably until further notice.Rashad Jennings, Giants: In case you watched Monday Night Football, got excited and were thinking of using Jennings this week ... think again. The Bears are a top-10 defense in both yards per carry before and after first contact this season and have allowed just two RB rushing scores in their past six games. New York is going to move the ball in this one, but itll be through the air, and Paul Perkins will still be involved. Out of 42 qualified runners, Jennings is just 39th with 3.2 yards per carry, one spot ahead of Gurley. There are streamers with better odds this week.Terrance West, Ravens: 4-10-12-18-23. Sorry, was just listing Kenneth Dixons snap count by week. Dixon is getting more involved every week, and thats not good news for West, who is struggling behind a very banged-up Ravens offensive line. Its a tough matchup with the Cowboys here, as Dallas has allowed more than 80 RB rushing yards just once this season and the seventh-fewest fantasy points to opposing RBs overall. West is a risky touchdown-dependent flex in Week 11.Wide receivers I love in Week 11Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers: So help me, as this week I am back on Benjamin, who has been solid but not great for a while now. First, the solid: five straight games with at least 70 receiving yards (thats the longest such streak in the NFL) and success against the Saints previously this season -- eight catches for 86 yards (on 14 targets) in Week 6. This continues a trend for the Saints, who have struggled with tall wideouts this season, including giving up 7-for-120 yards and a score to 6-foot-3 Dontrelle Inman in Week 4, 8-for-87 and a score to 6-foot-3 Demaryius Thomas in Week 10 and, of course, 6-foot-5 Benjamin himself in that Week 6 game. Hes a legit WR1 for me this week.Jordan Matthews, Eagles: But ... but ... Seattle! Yes, the Seahawks are improving, and yes this is a road game for the Eagles, but the Seahawks have really struggled against the slot recently, giving up at least 106 yards or a touchdown to the slot in five of their past six games. As the Eagles No. 1 receiver (10-plus targets in three straight) who has at least 65 yards in five of his past six, Matthews (who primarily plays the slot) is a high-floor WR3 this week with legit WR2 upside in a matchup most people will unnecessarily shy away from.Donte Moncrief, Colts: In the past 11 games Moncrief has played with Andrew Luck, he has eight touchdowns, including one score in all three games the two have played together this season. You know I like this game to be high-scoring, and Luck should have a field day here, and Moncrief will be a big part. The Titans have allowed more than 180 yards to WRs in four of their past five games and seven WR scores in that time frame. Considering Moncrief averages more than seven targets a game with Luck this season, expect him to be a big part of what the Colts do on Sunday. That means fantasy goodness.Davante Adams, Packers: He continues to get no respect from the fantasy community, or at least our rankers, as Im the only one with Adams as a top-15 play this week. Clearly having earned Aaron Rodgers trust, Adams has double-digit points in three of the past four games and four of the past six, is second on the team in targets and is tied with Jordy Nelson for the team lead in receptions. Maybe Green Bay puts Nelson in the slot some, but my expectation is that Josh Norman spends a lot of time on Jordy this week, so Adams (and Randall Cobb) should be the beneficiaries of additional looks in a high-scoring game against a Washington squad that is 21st against the pass the past four weeks.Others receiving votes: I like Marcus Mariota this week, so it makes sense Im also onboard with Rishard Matthews not being a fluke. Matthews has six scores in his past six games, and he has the highest aDOT (average depth of target, how far downfield he is when thrown the ball) of anyone on the Titans. Mariota will take some deep shots Sunday, and when he does, hell likely be looking for Matthews. The Colts have coughed up 28 catches for 412 yards and five scores to wide receivers in just the past two games. ... Youll win a bar bet with this one: Jamison Crowder leads the NFL in fantasy points from the slot this season, fueled in part by six touchdowns in his past eight games. Averaging more than nine targets a game in his past three, Crowder has become a big part of an offense that should find success Sunday night. In the past three games, the slot has 30 catches for 376 yards and three scores against the Pack. ... You probably forgot because the Bills were on bye last week, but the last time we saw Robert Woods, he was crushing Seattle. Woods has missed some time, but since Week 6, he has been a top-20 WR on a points-per-game basis and gets a Bengals team that is 29th against the pass the past four weeks. ... I dont expect Jeremy Maclin to play this week, so, yeah, gimme some more of Tyreek Hill against the Bucs 25th-ranked pass defense the past four weeks.Wide receivers I hate in Week 11Jarvis Landry, Dolphins: With just one touchdown in Landrys past 14 games, youre hoping he sees volume in standard leagues, and Im not convinced you get that this Sunday. For all their struggles on offense, the Rams are actually the No. 1 pass defense and the No. 1 scoring defense over the past month, and that includes being really stingy to the slot, where Landry plays. The Rams have given up just 16 catches and fewer than 45 yards a game to the slot in the past month, with zero scores. As Ajayi has emerged, Landry is getting fewer looks (just six targets a game in his past five, versus better than 11 per game in his first four) making Landry a low-upside WR3 this week.Ty Montgomery, Packers: While he qualifies at wideout, Montgomerys appeal has been the amount of work he is getting at running back. With Starks expected to get the majority of RB snaps for Green Bay on Sunday, Montgomery is left fighting for scraps. He has just five targets in his past two games, Washington has allowed just two wide receiver scores in the past five games, and you know I like Adams here. Its worth noting that the Redskins have not allowed a receiving score to a running back this season, either.Marvin Jones, Lions: With fewer than 40 yards in four of his past five games, Jones has seen a lot of his early-season production get spread around to a bunch of other Detroit teammates. Very quietly, the Jaguars corners are playing strong football, as Jalen Ramsey and Prince Amukamara have helped Jacksonville rank as the third-best pass defense during the past four weeks. Jones is barely a WR3 this week.Tight ends I love in Week 11Martellus Bennett, Patriots: Im not expecting Rob Gronkowski to play in this game, and, you know, its San Francisco. Dont be fooled by the fact that the 49ers are middle-of-the-pack in terms of fantasy points allowed to opposing tight ends. They havent faced very many tight ends who are a big part of their teams offenses. Bennett will be involved on Sunday and is a top-five play for me this week.Zach Miller, Bears: The suspension of Alshon Jeffery means quarterback?Jay Cutler has to throw it somewhere, and Miller, second on the team in targets behind Jeffery, is an obvious place to start. Expect a high target share for Miller against the Giants, who have given up at least 90 yards to tight ends in the two games since their bye and are 23rd against the pass in the past month.C.J. Fiedorowicz, Texans: He has at least five targets in six straight games, and only one team in the NFL targets the tight end more on offense than the Houston Texans. Since Week 4, he is the seventh-best tight end in fantasy (tied with Antonio Gates). Fiedorowicz is still available in more than 70 percent of leagues, and hes this weeks top tight end streamer against a Raiders team that is top 10 in the NFL in terms of most fantasy points allowed to tight ends.Others receiving votes: Eric Ebron has 18 targets (and 14 catches) the past two games for Detroit, and as I mentioned in the Marvin Jones section, the Jags corners have played well recently, so considering Detroit struggles running the ball, I expect Stafford to look Ebrons way quite a bit. Remember, the Jags gave up two TE scores last week to the Texans. ... Its definitely a risk/reward kind of play, but Ladarius Green should get more snaps and targets this week against a Browns team that gives up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. ... The Titans give up the ninth-most fantasy points to opposing tight ends, and as I have said before, I like this Indy-Tennessee game, so yeah, Jack Doyle is back on the TE2 radar.Tight ends I hate in Week 11Zach Ertz, Eagles: The Seahawks have allowed just one tight end score this season and just two in their past 15 games. Ertz, who is without a TD in nine straight games, has been held to fewer than 60 yards in every game this season but one.Cameron Brate, Buccaneers: Last weeks hero and a guy who has been on the rise the past few weeks gets derailed this week on his way to TE1 status. The Chiefs are just ridiculous when it comes to defending tight ends, as they have given up the fourth-fewest fantasy points per game to them, have allowed just one score to them all season -- and forget individual players, no teams tight ends have combined for more than 70 yards in any game against the Chiefs this season. Look elsewhere this week.Defenses I love in Week 11Miami Dolphins: Five straight games with at least six fantasy points, including double digits in the past two, and now they get Jared Goff in his first NFL start? Thatll work. They are surprisingly available in about half of ESPN leagues.Los Angeles Rams: The Rams have at least nine fantasy points in two straight games, and this is a home game that features two offenses that run the ball, so scoring should be low, and the Rams front line is no joke.Others receiving votes: If you ignore the two games against Cleveland, opposing defenses are averaging more than seven points per game against Baltimore, putting Dallas into consideration. ... Who gets Cleveland this week? Pittsburgh. ... The Giants have played much better recently, and do you think Jay Cutler, without his top target, has a turnover-free game Sunday? Exactly.Defenses I hate in Week 11Baltimore Ravens: Opposing D/STs against the Cowboys have totaled more than two fantasy points just once this season. Dallas controls the clock so well and dont allow turnovers or sacks.Philadelphia Eagles: After a hot start, theyve come back down to Earth with just seven points total in the past three weeks. On the road against the red-hot Seahawks, they are not a great option this week.Matthew Berry, The Talented Mr. Roto, wishes you could have seen the original intro to this column. He is the creator of RotoPass.com, a paid spokesman for DraftKings.com and one of the owners of the Fantasy Life app. ' ' '

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