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Gain natural looking hairline on your bald head by going through body hair transplantation
In this contemporary world Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , everyone would like to look stylish and beautiful. But, baldness is taking the overall appearance of the people. And, because of this issue, people started to look older than their actual age. Moreover, this has become a social stigma for the people who have bald head. Despite of using expensive hair care products and taking medications people could not find evident results. For them, hair transplantation has given a ray of hope that Wholesale NFL Jerseys , they can restore their natural looking hair and look suave. There are many hair transplantation centers available across the globe. However, you need to do a little research to find the foolproof and credible Body Hair Transplant in Hyderabad that gives remarkable results. The hair transplantation surgeons embraces different hair transplantation methods. Basically, the method varies from one person to another. The person who has little hair on the back side of the scalp will go for a procedure where the hair is extracted from the back of the scalp and is implanted in the bald area, whereas the individual who has no hair on their scalp will go for body hair transplantation.
In the body hair transplantation technique, the hair is taken from legs, stomach Wholesale Cheap Jerseys , back, chest, armpits, underarms, and other areas of the body. Usually, the body hair will be curly when compared to your scalp hair. However Wholesale Youth Jerseys , the Body Hair Transplant in Hyderabadsurgeons will take the hair that matches with the quality and thickness of the head hair. This hair is taken carefully to plant on the scalp. Though, this technique is a bit expensive and time taking compared to the other hair transplantation techniques, but people whose do not have enough hair on the scalp to plant in the bald area go for this technique. However, this kind of body hair transplant is carried out by embracing FUE technique. This surgery is carried out in safe and sterile environment by experienced and professional surgeons. Most importantly, after the surgery, there is no pain Wholesale Womens Jerseys , no scars, no wounds and you find no injuries on the scalp. In fact, people can never detect that you have undergone transplantation. This is non-invasive and safe way to regain the hair.
Usually, the person who has acute baldness (class 6 and 7) on the back or other areas of the scalp has to go for body hair transplant. And, the only option and hope for them to gain natural looking hair is to go for body hair transplantation. With the progressing of medical technology and the availability of cutting-edge tools, carrying out this Body Hair Transplant in Hyderabadusing follicular unit extraction method has become quite easy. This method takes body hair and transplant this hair on the bald area of the scalp. The patients who have dense hair near the chin Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , back, under arms and legs can happily go for this. You can see 100% results after this surgery.
Technique used for body hair transplant
FUE method: This type of surgery is carried by giving local anesthesia and other sedative pills to the patients to keep their tension and anxiety at a bay. The Body Hair Transplant Indiasurgeons after finding the donor area will inject the anesthesia in the donor site and use tumescent solution for removing the hair grafts from the donor area with ease. The Body Hair Transplant India surgeons use a punch that is especially designed for extracting the body hair. Generally, the number of sessions and time totally relies on the requirements of graft. This FUE method is also called as automated FUE. With the help of punch tool, the Body Hair Transplant India surgeons will pull out the hair roots without incision and injuries. Basically, it is a bit daunting to extract the beard hair compared to other body hair, since it is thick. But Wholesale Jerseys Online , the growth rate of this hair is too high. People after implanting this hair on their scalp will notice their hair growth in a short period.
Practically, the body hair is in different shape, direction and thickness compared to that of scalp hair. As the roots of the body hair are thin and sensitive, unlike the scalp hair, so this surgery takes a lot of time compared to other hair transplantation surgeries. Most importantly, the body hair has single graft and the surgeons can extract only a few grafts per day. This surgery has to be carried out only by the best body Hair Transplant in Hyderabad experts Wholesale Jerseys From China , since this requires a lot of skills and attention to detail to extract the strong tissue grafts from the donor area.
After the surgery, people feel little pain for a couple of days. Moreover, the wounds and injuries will get healed in a few days without leaving no scar or mark of the surgery. Generally, after the transplantation, people can notice their hair growth up to 5 cms, since the body hair is restricted to grow up to 5 cms Wholesale Jerseys China , thus helping the patients to keep the hair trim all the time.
It is crucial to discuss the complications with the Body Hair Transplant India doctorsbeforehand, since there are chances of gaining unnatural hairline after the surgery. However, this surgery has to be undergone by the right candidate to gain positive results. Usually, this kind of transplantation is not suggested for all the patients.
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