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I had 3 pair of these short that lasted well over a decade. Due to some recent painting projects I needed replacements. I looked everywhere to find new ones which I  eventually found on Amazon. I love the cotton blend and Champion is one of the few brands still making them. I'm a 42 waist and the XL fits perfect, no shrinkage from the dryer either. These are by far the most comfortable workout or lounge around the house shorts out there.
   Sally Rottman
Good product. My kid loved it!!!
   Hugo Silva
The XS is a little big on my smallest furbaby (2lb 6oz), but would fit my 5 lb-er perfect.  I love that now he matches momma on football Sundays.  I also got a NY Giants Jersey in S for my 7 lb-er who roots for daddy's team.  That also fits perfect.
   Abhishek Banka
It fit our 8lb Maltese perfectly!  Had to remove her collar though; perhaps they will come out with a V-neck.
   Marizete Sant'ana

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